Paragliding in Ravna gora

Ravna Gora is one of the most popular paragliding sites in Croatia. The two paragliding launch pads host national and international competitions. The northern launch pad faces Višnjica and is managed by the ‘Kolibri’ Club, whilst the southern launch pad faces Trakošćan and is managed by the ‘Let’ Club from Ivanec. The ‘Let’ Paragliding Club holds weekend courses and arranges tandem flights for those wishing to experience paragliding, where an experienced paraglider controls the glider and a passenger sits in front of the pilot. This is an ideal activity for people looking for adrenaline-fuelled fun.

The “KSL Kolibri” Free-flying Club in Cvetlin

The Club was formed in 2001 and is a member of the Croatian Aviation Association. The Club has helped organise numerous events, including: the First Precision Paraglider Landing Open Championship in 2003 in Ravna Gora, the European Cup (2004, 2005 and 2006), the World Cup (2007, 2008 and 2009), a round of the HR League Cup between 2004 and 2018 and the ‘Kolibri Open’, which is also held in Ravna Gora. Club members participate in numerous domestic and international competitions.

Paragliding club ”Let”
Lančić 29
42 240 Ivanec
Mob.: +385 (0)91 234 2340
E-mail: [email protected]

“KSL Kolibri” Free-flying Club
Cvetlin 148
42 254 Trakošćan
Mob.: +385 (0)98 1703 349
E-mail: [email protected]

Sports center

Sports center is a central place for sports activities, and is equipped with a football field, athletic track, auxiliary football field, football training ground, three tennis courts, handball field, mini golf  court, paintball field, outdoor bowling field, table-tennis tables, and a children’s playground with swings and slides for  youngsters.

Damir Kužir
Mob: +385 (0)98 806 370
E-mail: [email protected]

Mary's Pilgrimage Route

Mary’s Pilgrimage Route connects Slovenian and Croatian places of worship devoted to St. Mary. Most notable locations are Ptujska Gora, Svete gore above Bistrica ob Sotli in Slovenia and Marija Bistrica in Croatia.

Mary’s Pilgrimage Route is part of the international pilgrimage route that connects Częstochowa in Poland, Levoča in Slovakia, Mariazell in Austria, Ptujska Gora and Svete gore above Bistrica ob Sotli in Slovenia, and Marija Bistrica in Croatia.

The route in Slovenia is 409-km long, and in Croatia 393 km. It is  intended for pilgrims, hikers, nature and cultural heritage enthusiasts, as well as anyone who wants to discover new and interesting places.

The Route is dived into western and eastern paths in Slovenia, and offers four route options to pilgrims. Both paths are continued to Marija Bistrica in Croatia.

Ravna gora

Ravna gora (686 m) – is a Mountain that lies in the northernmost regions of Croatian Zagorje and is considered the final branch of the Southern Alps that descends towards the Pannonian Plain. Interesting and dynamic relief, diverse flora and fauna, together with cultural and historic monuments, make this whole region extremely attractive for visitors. Ravna Gora offers an abundance of leisure, opportunities to reinvigorate yourself and accommodations at two mountain lodges.

Big Caves are steep, 50–80 metres high rocks made of light limestone and are attractive for free-climbers and mountaineers. At the top of the Velike pećine is a large wooden cross.  According to the oral legend, a noble lady, hopelessly in love with a local peasant, threw herself from atop Velike pećine. A view over Cvetlin and Haloze.

The Chapel of the Three Kings was built in 1619. Construction materials were donated by Count Ivan Drašković, the then owner of Trakošćan Castle. Inside is the original preserved pulpit and three altars.

The Three Kings (681 metar) is the summit of Ravna gora, the mountain, where a 10.7 metre-high pyramid offering wonderful views of the whole region is located.

The Teeth are a group of broken rocks surrounded by a forest. Next to them is a clearing on a slope used by paragliders as an airstrip.

Balcony is a rock-gazebo near Filić’s House that offers stunning views over the Bednja Valley, Trakošćan Castle and the Zagorje Mountains.

Educational-Botanical-Geological Trail is 900 metres long and passes under steep cliffs beside interesting geomorphic forms and a cave, through four belts of vegetation and ends by joining the hiking trail at the Hudo duplje.

The “Pusti duh” Lodge

planinarski dom pusti duh ravna gora

The “Pusti duh” Lodge on Ravna gora features a capacity of 20 beds (5 bedrooms), a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. The spacious courtyard is suitable for various games. Drinks are provided, and food can be arranged in advance. During the season (from 1st March to 30th October) the Lodge is open Sundays and on Saturdays with prior notification. Off-season (from 1st November to 28th February) the Lodge will open to groups with prior notification. The Lodge is maintained by the ‘Pusti duh’ Mountaineering Society of Lepoglava, and the Lodge’s caretaker is Damir Kužir.

“Filićev dom” Lodge

9 Planin.dom Filiev dom

The “Filićev dom” Lodge in Ravna gora has room for 70 beds over 16 rooms. There is also a restaurant that doubles as a living room, as well as a kitchen and a toilet. The outdoor terrace is covered and has room for 60 seats, and the surrounding meadows offers benches that are ideal for picnics. There is children’s playground, a football pitch and space for outdoor games that are available for hikers and ramblers. The Lodge is maintained by the ‘Ravna gora’ Mountaineering Society from Varaždin.

“Pusti duh” Lodge
Opskrbnik doma: Damir Kužir
Tel.: +385 (0)42 791 803
Mob.: +385 (0)98 806 370

“Filićev dom” Lodge
Opskrbnik doma: Srećko Pintar
Mob.: +385 (0)99 332 9030


Ivanščica is the highest mountain in Croatian Zagorje (1061m). Together with Ravna gora, it  surrounds Lepoglava.

On the very top of the mountain there is a pyramid which offers a stunning view of Zagorje, Prigorje, Međimurje and Slovenia, all the way to the Alps.  

Lookout „Stričevo“ is located on the northwest side of the mountain top and offers a spectacular view of Ivanec and the surrounding area, Varaždin, Međimurje. On clear days, one is able to see all the way to Balaton lake in Hungary.

On the mountain top there is a mountaineering refuges “Josip Pasarić”, and a paragliding start site. Ski path, numerous hiking trails, caves, cliffs and springs all add up to great potential for development of adventure and hunting tourism on Ivanščica.

Forest Fairy

The legend of forest fairy is one of the most well known in Lepoglava area. It is based around a puzzling monument located below the hilltops of Ivanščica, in the east part of Lepoglava. Mysterious stone altar is said to be remainder of a little church located in this area ages ago. As people were wicked, evil and undeserving, angels descended from the sky and took the church with them, leaving only the stone altar behind.

Since the forests on Ivanščica were guarded by fairies, hiking trail leading towards the altar is called Fairy path. The path is approximately 5km long, passes through vineyards and the forest, by the Masni kamen (Greasy rock) and Vukovec creek. Finally, it ends near the mysterious rock where hikers can relax and enjoy the nature.

Fairy top

Fairy top is one of the highest parts of Ivanščica overlooking Lepoglava. On 726m altitude, it offers an outstanding view of river Bednja, Ravna gora, Lepoglava and Varaždin. 

13km dynamic path through the forest leads to the top, and is enjoyed by many hikers and cyclists who appreciate the wonders of clean and untouched nature.

The path is surrounded by several resting spots, caves and fresh-water springs, out of which the most popular are Zmržnjak, Maks well and Bračko cave.

The path starts in the southern part of Lepoglava, and goes through the old and abandoned Vudelje quarry or through Šumec village.

Every year, there are several events and mountain races organized around the Fairy path and the Fairy top.

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