Lepoglava Lace Gallery

A central nexus for visitors where traditional lace meets modern jewellery and art through the lace motifs that extend throughout the Lepoglava Lace Gallery. The interesting history of lace, intertwined as it is with differing events and people, is told through this modern exhibition on lacemaking and complements the traditional presentation on lacemaking.

Visitors can view and buy original Lepoglava Lace in the Gallery.

Zadruga lepoglavske čipke
Hrvatskih pavlina 7
42250 Lepoglava
Mob.: +385 (0)98/ 355 813

Culture and Information Tourist Centre ("TKIC")

TKIC d.o.o. (LLC) was incorporated in 2009 by the Town of Lepoglava to provide infrastructural support to tourist and cultural enterprises that are aiming to make the Lepoglava region an attractive tourist destination. Since its founding TKIC d.o.o. has managed the House of Culture. Within this building are a multi-purpose hall for hosting congresses and concerts and business premises that are leased to private enterprises, associations from the Town and other interested entities. The Town Library, reading room, Lace Gallery, the Lepoglava Tourist Association and a souvenir shop are also located there. The House of Culture’s activities include searching for new models of presenting implanting and promoting cultural activities within the Town, especially for children and young people, whilst nurturing the basic cultural demands of all inhabitants and social demographics. It is mostly recognised for its diverse range of programmes – its literary and social fora, its theatrical, musical and film programmes, festivals and screenings and its multimedia and interdisciplinary projects. They are also known for their openness and their willingness to adapt to new trends in tourism, culture and information.

Tel.: +385 (0)42 / 494 – 307
Fax: +385 (0)42 / 494 – 315
Mob.: +385 (0)95 / 903 – 0846
e-mail: [email protected]

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