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Located in the picturesque area between mountains Ivanščica and Ravna Gora, with river Bednja zigzagging through it, Lepoglava offers a unique blend of culture, art, traditional crafts and natural beauty. Lepoglava is also conveniently located near two major European highways: Zagreb – Graz and Zagreb – Budapest. Special role in promotion of Lepoglava is given to the famous Lepoglava lace and the lace-making craft, which was, in 2009, added to UNESCOs intangible cultural heritage list, as a part of Croatian lace-making tradition. In September of each year, lace-making skill is honored in Lepoglava through a traditional event called “International Lace Festival”.  Gaveznica – Kameni vrh, a geological monument is located close to the town center, is a finding site of Agate, a semiprecious stone. Gaveznica is also the only preserved fossil volcano in Croatia, thus representing a site of scientific, educational and touristic interest.

Lepoglava area also encompasses villages of Kamenica and Višnjica, places full of interesting history, churches and chapels, as well as numerous beautiful works of nature. The fact that Lepoglava, Kamenica and Višnjica are a desirable destination is demonstrated by rich gastronomic offerings provided by village households and restaurants, by various galleries, ethno houses, numerous events, and recreational activities such as paragliding, hiking and cycling, as well as by being a home of the most famous penitentiary in Croatia.

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